Passengers Obligations

Check - In

Every passenger is obliged to carry his travel documents, required for check - in and boarding on the aircraft. In case that during check - in, the airport authorities do not permit the embarkation of the passenger on the aircraft, the Air Carries has not any responsibility or obligation.

Every passenger is obliged to be at the check - in area of the airport, at least one hour and thirty minutes (01:30) for domestic flights and at least two hours (02:00) for international flights, prior to the indicated departure time of the aircraft. Passengers' and baggage check - in terminates thirty minutes (00:30) prior to the indicated departure time of the aircraft.

After checking of the travel documents and the baggage, the passenger must walk to the departure gate of the airport.

In case that the passenger will delay either for check - in or for embarkation and is not possible to travel on the indicated flight, then the passenger has not any right for refunding the ticket fare.

The personal data provided to the carrier regarding your travel may be forwarded to the competent state authorities for border control and air safety reasons.

Travel documents


Adults passengers must present to the airport authorities during check - in, the following documents:
Valid ticket of passenger
Valid I.D or Passport.
Medical certificate in case that the passenger has a healthy problem.
Certificate of carrying and use of weapons on police staff or army officers movements.

Infants and Children

For the infants up to 24 months and for the children 2-12 years, the following documents are required:
Public document with the photo of the infant or the child, proving his identity.
Certificate of Birth or Health.
In case that the infant or the child is companied by one of his parents, then a certificated letter signed by the other parent and stamped by Public Authority, must be presented.

Passengers Rights

European Regulation

Passengers' rights are clearly specified in the B REGULATION (EC) No 261/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF COUNCIL of 11th of February 2004, establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay flights, and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 295/91.
More Information:

Pregnant Women

General information for pregnant women

Pregnant women to be advised and receive the approval by their doctor or the insurance consultant, in order to be able to travel by aircraft.

Normally until the 25th week of pregnancy, medical certificates for the health of the pregnant woman, are not required for travelling by aircraft.

Pregnant women travelling by aircraft between the 27th week of pregnancy and the 34th week, is required to present a medical certificate from their doctor, approving and confirming that it is safe for the pregnant woman to travel by aircraft. This certificate must be delivered to the Air Carrier' staff or to the Air Carrier's representative before the flights.

Pregnant women are not allowed to travel by aircraft, when they are on the 35th or later week of pregnancy.

Handicapped Passengers

Services for handicapped passengers

Handicapped person is recognized from the difficulty for walking or moving and the kind of the assistance required to be provided before the flight, during the flight and after the arrival at the airport of destination.

When issue the ticket from the Travel Agent for a handicapped passenger, it is requested the service provisions for the safe transportation of the passenger and it is indicated on the ticket of the handicapped passenger.

In case that, blind or deaf passengers are not companied by a person, it is provided the right to be accompanied by a guide dog. The guide dog is travelling free of charge, provided that is trained for this purpose by a recognized organization and presenting official documents.

In case that the handicapped passenger must be accompanied by a staff person from the time of his arrival at the airport of departure until his arrival to the destination airport, this could be done after a written notice to the Travel Agent or to the Air Carrier.

Unaccompanied children

Services for unaccompanied children

Children aged from 2 up to 12 years old are able to travel unaccompanied only under the terms that a parent or guardian will company them to the airport of departure and will be present at the airport of arrival and also that the Air Carrier or the Travel Agent will be advised when issue the ticket.

The service for 'unaccompanied' could be provided to young passengers (YP) from 12 years up to 16 years, if this will be requested when ticket issue.

In order the child to travel, during check - in at the airport, the parent or the guardian must fill and sign a standard form (UMNR). After that the child will be companied by ground staff person and will be embarked on the aircraft.

Upon the arrival of the aircraft at the destination airport, a person from the ground staff will company the child to the parent or the guardian, after the certification of the I.D. of the parent or the guardian, who signs a standard form. This service is charged by a fee.


Baggage weight

Adult passengers and children 2-12 years have the right to carry one (1) baggage and one (1) handbag at the allowed weight as specified in the seat class provisions.

Infants (up to 24 months) do not have baggage or handbag. It is allowed the carriage of babies' special seat, at no charge.

Baggage and Handbags weight is not allowed to be more than the maximum allowed weight.

The Air Carrier reserves the right to refuse loading of any baggage which weight is over the maximum weight allowed.

In case of baggage weight more than allowed, then the passenger is charged by a fee per kilo over the allowed maximum weight.

When packing your bag, please consider that liquids such as alcohol, olive oil, or food should be packed adequately, in order to prevent breakage and this to result damage to your baggage or to other passenger bags.

Damage, destroy or loss of baggage

In case of damage, destroy or loss of baggage, the passenger is obliged to make written declaration at the Air Carrier's representative agent office at the arrival airport. In opposite case, no claim and/or responsibility can be accepted.

In case of subjective or objective value article loss, such as jewelry, old objects or bank notes, the Air - Carrier is not obliged to pay any relative value, if those articles have not been declared and insured by the passenger on its own responsibility.

The claim for passenger's baggage loss, destroy or damage, is limited to the amount that the Air - Carrier defines.


Conditions for pets transport

Pets (dogs and cats) are allowed to be carried in the passengers' cabin, under the conditions specified below:
The weight of pet including the plastic or metallic transport box (dimensions 40X25X20 cm) must not be more than seven (7) kilos.

Pets remain in their transport box during the flight which must be located under the seat in front of the passenger and in no case on seat.

During check - in process, all necessary documents for the pet, including health / vaccination booklet which also verify the owner of the pet, are required.

In each flight, the number of pets that could be transferred is limited. This service is charged by a fee.

Prohibited Materialsά

Prohibited materials on board

Passengers are not permitted to carry into the security restricted area and the cabin of an aircraft Guns, Firearms and Weapons, Pointed/edged Weapons & Sharp Objects, Blunt instruments, Explosives and flammable Substances, Chemical and Toxic substances

Objects and materials not allowed to be placed in handbags:


Explosives, including detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and explosives, gases: Propane, butane, flammable liquids, including gasoline, methanol, flammable solids and reactive substances, including magnesium, firelighters, fireworks, flares, oxidizers and organic peroxides, including bleach, car body repair kits, toxic or infectious substances, including rat poison, infected blood, radioactive material, including medicinal or commercial isotopes, corrosives, including mercury, vehicle batteries, vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel.

During the flight

General information during the flight

Every passenger is obliged to follow the instructions and the orders of the aircraft crew, which is solely responsible for the safety of the flight, the passengers and the baggage.

During the flight any use of electronic equipment (mobile phones, computers, electronic devices, photo machines) is not permitted, for the safety of the flight. This equipment could be in use, when the passengers will be disembarked from the aircraft.

Smoking is not allowed to any space in the aircraft before, during and after the flight. All the spaces of common use are equipped with smoke detectors which will activate the alarm system of the aircraft in case of smoking.


Ancillaries are chaged with the fees indicated
Unaccompanied child (1 person) 45.00€

Seat selection 10.00€

Pet 8kg in the cabin 50.00€

Per unit
Leisure equipment 50.00€
Wind surf 50.00€
Skateboard 50.00€
Bicycle 50.00€
Camping equipment 50.00€

Per kilo
Diving equipment 25.00€
Golf equipment 25.00€
Ski 25.00€