Since 1998 when we established the aviation services company "Aerogenesis – Air Services" and after 23 years of successful course and experience in passenger air transport, in seasonal, in non-scheduled and in charter flights, both within Hellas and in international destinations, providing aviation services of high-quality and of strict standards, we are expanding our activities in the field of scheduled flights with our new company "Delphic Airways".

"Delphic Airways" was established in 2021 and when the preparations and the required procedures by both the Hellenic and the European regulations will be completed, will be a holder of the Air Operator Certificate and the Commercial License, then will start the performance of its flight program which has been already prepared.

Having the human resources, a long-time experience and the know-how to passenger air transport and to provide aviation services, we focus on the same basic priority as is all these years to the safety of our passengers, our clients, our affiliates and our staff.

Our constant effort is we offer safe and comfortable flights to the passengers who will be our guests in our flights.

We are the new airline coming in the land of the Gods.